Coolsculpting at Home

Is Coolsculpting at home possible?

Coolsculpting is a new fat reduction treatment that is getting popular these days. In this treatment, the fat cells of a patient are exposed to very low temperatures to freeze them. At such low temperature, these cells are “burned” and then they exit the body via urine. Theoretically, this is very safe process and unlike liposuction, it does not involve any cutting and there are no side effects, or at least that is what they are claiming.

Obesity and fat are very unhealthy for a person and they can lead to a number of different diseases in the body. Due to high levels of cholesterol, blood vessels are clogged and that can become the reason for a number of different diseases including diabetes and heart attack. Extra fat contents in the body are not only medically unhealthy but they are also a reason for low self-esteem in many people. It is not easy for a lot of people to present themselves with full confidence knowing that they have a pot belly or that they have so much extra fat in their arms. In the market today, there are many different treatments that are available for people with extra fat in their bodies such as liposuction but these treatments are very costly and they come with other side effects such as burns and scars and scalpels. However, Coolsculpting which is also known as Cryolipolysis claims to be a fat removal technique that comes with no complications at all. Moreover, it is also marketed to be a very efficient technique that shows its results in just 48 hours. This is why customers and patients are so tempted to undergo this procedure these days.

One of our clients' before and after pictures following a custom Coolsculpting program.

One of our clients’ before and after pictures following a custom Coolsculpting program.

The equipment used in the process is a simple machine that looks more like a vacuum cleaner and a gel sheet which is required to protect the skin tissues at low temperatures. Fat cells get frozen whereas skin tissues are immune to any permanent damage because of the protective sheet and controlled environment.

The treatment can help in getting rid of fat cells from different parts of body. It helps in treating double chin, wobbly thighs and hanging bellies. After the process, the body starts to adjust and reshape itself so that the patients are left with a smarter appearance. Companies that are offering the treatment are marketing it as a very safe and overnight effective process of fat removal from the body. They are claiming that it is a very safe treatment and it works with no permanent side effects. Patients might get some temporary scars but they vanish with time.

Coolsculpting At Home, easy to do?

Since it appears to be such a simple treatment, one is compelled to think that it can be performed at home as well. Well, the thing is that it is not impossible to do so but you need to have the insights into the process and you need to be careful about the risks that are associated with it.

The concept of the process is simple as all you need to do is to keep your skin cool for about an hour so that the underlying fat cells are killed by the low temperature. These killed cells then leave the body and you experience a reduction in your body fat in that area. Keep going through the process for as long as you consider necessary results will be evident.

How to Do Coolsculpting at Home?

Before you do anything, you need to realize that this process might have some serious side effects. It can burn or damage your skin tissues and there can be other complications without any apparent results. So, if you are going to perform it on yourself or anyone else, you have to do it on your own risk.

Cooling is the main concept behind the process and professionals use a special machine for this purpose but if you don’t have a machine, you can go on with any other safe alternative. Some people try to use ice cubes for this process but the problem with ice cubes is that they cannot provide you with consistently low temperatures for the entire hour. So here is a better alternative.

  • Get two aluminum plates and attach their clamps to your freezer so that they get cool enough.
  • Now mix glycol in water and set this mixture inside the freezer. Keep it in there for about 14-16 hours.
  • Bring some gel packs and put them in the refrigerator. Make sure that they are seal packed before putting them in there.
  • Put the gel packs in the glycol mixture so that their temperature does not get high.
  • Now for the actual treatment, you need to put some sort of cloth on your skin so that it does not come in direct contact to avoid any damage to tissues.
  • The sole purpose of aluminum plates is to make sure that the area you want to remove fat from is entirely compressed in between the plates. You have to calculate the compression level that is comfortable for you.
  • Now, you have to get the gel packs and use them to freeze the fat cells. You will place the gel packs on your targeted area and continue this process for about an hour and make sure that during this time, the temperature stays uniform.

You need to use the aluminum plates to provide the required compression and once you have achieved that, you can use the gel packs that have been sealed to provide the required low temperature to your fat cells. Be careful to keep the gel packs in the water glycol mixture so that their temperature does not rise.

My before and after pictures after 6 weeks of coolsculpting at home.

My before and after pictures after 6 weeks of coolsculpting at home.

  Is Coolsculpting at home considered a safe procedure?

Coolsculpting promises great and efficient results within days of the procedure but is it entirely safe? In recent weeks, there was news that a woman got the treatment and ended up with permanent scars on her body along with burning sensation.  The reason for such unexpected results was that she was treated by an unprofessional that had no license or certification for this type of procedure.

According to processionals, this treatment might not be entirely safe. There are several factors to take into account while considering the safety of such a fast process. The first question that naturally comes to mind is what happens with fat once it is burned? How does it leave the body? The companies that are marketing the method are saying that fat leaves the body naturally via urination. However, there is a lot of fat that is burned in just one session and eliminating all of it is a difficult task for the body. It might be hard on your liver to remove all this fat and you might end up with lethargy. This process is not recommended for anyone who has a liver condition.

These were the opinion of professionals who still have reservations regarding this procedure. However, there are others who see this treatment is a quick and easy way to get rid of all extra fat in different areas of body. People have been trying this treatment of Coolsculpting and they are satisfied with the results. Companies that are marketing this treatment are saying that this is an FDA approved process with sure results. There are various clinics with online websites that where you can review the process and read reviews of customers along with their “then and now” photographs that show the difference before trying the treatment and after trying it. We also have our own section which discusses the safety of coolsculpting.

Should you go for it?

If you want to go for Coolsculpting at home or Cryolipolysis to get rid of fat cells from your body, you should seek some professional advice, preferably from your physician regarding this process and if you have made up your mind about it, make sure that you get your treatment from a certified professional. There are a number of different factors to be taken into account before undergoing any medical procedure. Your physician can guide you better about this process and whether it is safe and healthy for you considering your medical history. Coolsculpting is still a new process and although they say that there is no pain and scarring involved, there have been cases where patients had to undergo lots of pain and some permanent scars on their bodies. So, you should make your decision wisely after getting recommendation from a certified professional. As far as Coolsculpting at home is concerned, the method described above can be used but you will need to continue it for a long time before the results are apparent. If there is some other method that you want to use for Coolsculpting, you should first discuss it with someone and make sure that there are no risks involved in it. Experimenting with your body is not recommended and you should avoid it if there is any risk involved. If your condition is severe and you really want to have some fat eliminated from your body, you should seek professional advice.