Coolsculpting | The BEST way to lose Fat Fast | But is coolsculpting safe?

Is Coolsculpting Safe?

Cryolipolysis, one of the latest in the techniques of removing unnecessary fat from your body, claims to get rid of all extra fat by freezing it away. Certainly the claim is awesome but the question is, does it really work and, more importantly,  is coolsculpting safe?

The method is being marketed as a better alternative to liposuction as it does not involve invasion. This method simply freezes the fat cells in your body to very low temperatures and precise care is taken so that there is no harm to the skin. The best thing about this method is that the removal frozen fat is totally natural.

Claims about coolsculpting

It is being claimed that Cryolipolysis helps in removing as much as 50% of the fat and results are observable in less than two days. However, it is also being reported that some unqualified doctors who are not familiar with the minute details of the procedure have left their patients in pain along with scars.

In this procedure, they are using a machine that resembles a small vacuum cleaner and it helps in freezing away the fat so that it dissolves away and leaves the body through natural processes hence leaving you with a slimmer and smarter physique.

Taking their word for it, this new procedure is everything liposuction but without needles and scars which means that in this process, all the negative aspects of liposuction are eliminated. Even though their has been a lot of research by approved doctors, the question “Is coolsculpting safe?” still remains.

How people generally look at coolsculpting

It is being said that this treatment dissolves away fat cells from thighs and bellies easily thus reshaping your body. The target fat cells in this treatment are the ones that lie just under the skin and the layer of these cells is known as subcutaneous layer in biological terms. Naturally, one would think that to reach fat cells, skin would be subjected to very low temperatures as well but they have addressed that concern as well. Cryolipolysis uses advanced gel sheet treatment to protect the layers of skin from any harm at low temperatures and since fat cells have a freezing point higher than the skin cells, so there is no damage to the layers of skin above it.

All said, it appears that Cryolipolysis is a very safe treatment for excess fat and it promises a healthy body and that is why lots of clinics have started offering this treatment. But medical professionals have their concerns in regard to this process because it is simply too good to be true.

It is being reported that there have been patients who underwent the treatment but the results were neither what they expected nor satisfactory. In fact, there is one patient who was left with scars and intense pain after the treatment. Mostly, supporters are saying that this happened due to malpractice by unqualified people who simply offered the treatment at very low prices. Customers go in looking for some low price alternatives but they don’t get what they want. Remember guys, always ask yourself “Is coolsculpting safe?” before thinking about doing coolsculpting. You can read about what happened to Sarah Hall in the next paragraph.

Sarah Hall’s experience with coolsculping

One such patient who took the treatment in hopes of getting some permanent fat reduction is Sarah Hall. Recently divorced, she wanted to have some positive change in her appearance so she went to take the procedure that was offered to her at just £169. But the results were not quite what she wanted. Instead of a slim and sleeker personality, she was left with lots of pain and possibly some scars on her body as well. It was not until later that she found out that she was operated on by not only a quack who had no license for such a practice but by a hairdresser who had no medical certification whatsoever. The botching of her fat freezing operation was the fault of this hairdresser who had no association with medical field.

It was reported that Sarah was thinking of suing the clinic that offered her the procedure at such a low rate. Normally, it is offered at about £1200 but Sarah was provided the treatment at just £169 which should have raised an alarm for her but she was tempted by the offer and decided to try it.

Her GP results indicated burns on parts of her body where she had asked for fat removal.

Is coolsculpting safe? Not if you do it at a unprofessional company like Sarah.

Is coolsculpting safe? Not if you do it at a unprofessional company like Sarah.

Even though the operation on Ms. Sarah was unsuccessful, the question still remains as to whether the process is safe or not. Freezing the fat is a new and novel approach but is it possible for the body to get rid of all that destroyed fat in just 48 hours? Is body equipped enough to eliminate such quantities of fat via urine in such a short amount of time? It is quite possible for liver to get overloaded with this much fat and it will have to struggle to get it out. It might even result in lethargy quite possibly. Professionals are saying that they won’t recommend this procedure to someone with liver problems until they have more insights into the procedure.

DIY Coolsculpting

Even though Sarah had an unsuccesful coolsculpting experience, it doesn’t mean that YOU will have it aswell. It is totally possible to perform safe coolsculpting at home if you simply know WHAT to do. Just click the link which is linked above and find out how to freeze your fat today!